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What is Paleo Diet ?
Paleo Diet is an dietary plan based on foods taken by an human during Paleolithic era.That includes the food obtained as result of hunting and farming.

What are the foods can be taken during Paleo diet?
The typical foods includes Meat, Fish,fruits,legumes,Dairy Products,Nuts and Grains. It also includes Edible Oils from fruits and nuts such as olive oil or Walnut oil.

Who can Follow Paleo Diet?
Those Who wants to:
– reduce weight
– maintain Healthy Weight.

This Video Includes the recipes based on the major ingredients of paleo diet.And the same will be categorized to all the three meals of the day.
Day 3
– Beetroot Juice – 00:11
– Snake Guard Recipe – 01:50
– Creamy Mushroom soup – 04:22


Paleo Diet Recipes | Day 1 | Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

Paleo Diet Recipes | Day 2 | Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner

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Video Creation And Editing : Mrs.A. Radha MSc. (Yoga)
Filmography : Mr. S. Anandh MBA

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